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How long will Phase be available for pre-orders?

The product is still being manufactured, hence available for pre-orders only. The product officially launches November 28th.

I've just pre-ordered Phase, when will I receive my product?

As the product is still being manufactured we cannot ship already. The shipping is set to start at the end of November 2018.

How long does the battery last?

Once Phase is fully charged, you'll be safe for around 10 hours. And to reach full charge, you can count between 1 and 2 hours. We are still working on optimizing the product so this is not definitive, but it gives you an average.

Is Phase sensitive to external disruptions (like rumble)?

Phase completely overrides any form of external disruption (rumble, defective equipment...etc.). There is no risk to erod the signal anymore, because the signal is digitally generated by Phase.

What type of records can I use with Phase?

Any! Phase does not read the records, it only tracks your turntable's rotation. You could even use Phase without a record at all.

What setup do I need to use Phase?

Phase is to be used with any DVS setup (DVS mixer or external audio interface), thanks to its two audio line outputs.

Will I need to buy additional cables or anything else?

Everything you need will be provided with Phase. You will find in the box: 1 power cable to charge the receiver, 2 RCA cables to plug Phase to your DVS setup, and 4 magnetic stickers to maintain the remotes on your records.

With which software can I use Phase?

Phase was designed to work with any software that uses DVS technology (e.g. Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox).

How do I recharge the remotes?

Make sure the receiver is plugged, then simply put the remotes on the receiver. They will automatically begin charging.

How do I make sure to maintain the remotes on the record?

Phase's remotes have a little notch that allows you to fix them on your turntable's spindle, just like you do with your records. Also, the underside surface is magnetic, so you just have to stick one of the magnetic stickers (comes in the box with Phase) on your record, put the Remote on your record, and let physics work its magic!